今回はPatch5.5実装のニーアコラボ第三弾『希望ノ砲台:「塔」』のラスボス戦闘曲、「カイネ/Final Fantasy Main Theme Version」の素敵な演奏です!

そんな素敵な動画が投稿されているのはYouTubeチャンネル「ララミス歌劇団- LALAMITH -」様です!




[FF14] Oh, how wonderful! The Lalafell Ensemble plays the last song in The Tower!

There are many bards in Eorzea who play wonderfully.
I can’t remember how to use it because it’s too difficult for me.

Well, in the midst of all this, I found the “Performers’ Tachino Ensemble!

This time, it’s a nice rendition of “Kaine/Final Fantasy Main Theme Version”, the last boss battle song from the third Nier collaboration, “Hope No Turret: ‘Tower'”, implemented in Patch 5.5!

In addition to the excellence of the “playing musical instruments” skill, emotes, skill effects, and backgrounds that make full use of Miraprix and housing, the various environments are also used.
“Instrumental” skill, as well as emotes, skill effects, backgrounds using Mirapli and housing, and full use of various environments!

In addition to the main introduction, here are some of the ensemble pieces that have been posted in the past!

There are also other great FF14 BGM performance arrangements posted as well!
Please have a look!

[YouTube]ララミス歌劇団- LALAMITH –

カイネ/Final Fantasy Main Theme Version

【FF14】希望ノ砲台:「塔」(ニーア カイネ/NieR Kaine) – the Tower at Paradigm’s Breach – FFXIV:Bard Performance

【FF14】NEW!希望ノ砲台:「塔」(ニーア カイネ/NieR Kaine) Ver.2 – the Tower at Paradigm’s Breach – FFXIV

New!【FF14】希望ノ砲台:「塔」(ニーア カイネ/NieR Kaine) Ver.3 – the Tower at Paradigm’s Breach – FFXIV

New!【FF14】『Believe』(ニーア カイネ/NieR Kaine) – FFXIV:Bard Performance

紅の夜明け/Crimson Sunrise アレンジ

【FF14】桜花爛漫(紅の夜明け/Crimson Sunrise)FFXIV:Bard Performance

魔導仕掛けの友/Mafiteknical Difficulties

【FF14】fraternity(魔導仕掛けの友/Magiteknical Difficulties)FFXIV:Bard Performance